Safety Advisor (Plainfield, IN)

Safety Management Group is seeking a local Safety Advisor in Plainfield, Indiana.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Deliver a contractor safety orientation, ensuring a consistent message
  • Maintain a log of contractors who have attended safety orientation
  • Verify compliance with the substance abuse program
  • Review and update orientation as required
  • Review and provide feedback to contract firms regarding their project-specific safety plans before the contract firms begin work on the project
  • Review contractor compliance with written project safety plan when completing project safety observations.
  • Competent Person training record verification
  • Safe Work Permits
  • Review contractor safety program
  • Review OSHA logs
  • Review EMR data, if needed
  • Assist contractors in identifying countermeasures to comply with safety policies
  • Conduct independent incident review and prepare all required documentation
  • Schedule and facilitate incident review meetings
  • Publish incident meeting report
  • Develop and publish safety learning points document
  • Participate and support project meetings that require safety information and reporting
  • Serve as liaison to coordinate plant safety and project safety interaction
  • Provide project safety metrics to Harmon
  • Provide leadership for pre-construction safety planning meetings (pre-bid/pre-construction)


  • 6+ years’ Construction Safety experience
  • Must possess a thorough knowledge of construction safety in an industrial setting
  • A degree in safety or related fields
  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course
  • First-aid/CPR certification from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

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