Site Safety Specialist (Indianapolis)

Job Description

Bastian Solutions’ environmental, health, and safety team is responsible for the safety and compliance of installation and project execution of material handling systems, warehouse automation, and parcel sortation systems for our customers. The Site Safety Specialist reports to the Corporate EHS Manager and will primarily work with project site management during project planning and execution. This position will also be responsible for coordinating the project site safety and contractor safety programs, in addition to the compliance of all the activities involved in the installation of our automated material handling systems on projects.

The Site Safety Specialist is proactive in providing solutions to challenges in project safety, provide necessary guidance and coaching as events dictate, and perform all inspections, notifications, and training within the Bastian Solutions health and safety program. This role reports and resolves technical safety execution and organizational problems and fosters good communication with the Bastian Solutions project team.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable law and safety requirements for worksite conditions, processes, training, inspections, and auditing
  • Ensure that installation, operation, and maintenance operations departments receive excellent service in safety program administration, guidance, and support
  • Support project management and contractor implementation
  • Implements, promotes, and maintains Bastian Solutions Site Safety Plan
  • Provide safety leadership for maintenance, construction, and equipment installation projects
  • Develop and implement the contractor safety program including conducting safety inductions for Bastian Solutions and subcontracted site staff and assuring that Bastian Solutions subcontractors have all required permits to work and assist subcontractors in obtaining these
  • Recommend and implement safety strategies, priorities, and policies to address job site safety
  • Participate in project pre-planning meetings and help identify safety and compliance concerns
  • Review site-specific safety programs and plans of contractors and ensure compliance with the contractor safety program
  • Perform periodic and regular site safety audits and inspections of job site activities related to construction and equipment installation
  • Monitor inspection reports and monitor corrective actions for follow up and completion
  • Provide communication and documentation of audits carried out including suggesting necessary corrective measures
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with peers, management, and site personnel
  • Provide consultation and advice for project management and assist in maintaining a safe work environment
  • Perform active safety coaching and training with Bastian Solutions and subcontracted staff as installation is conducted on the site
  • Assist project management to enforce safety policies and environmental health guidelines
  • Investigate incidents and/or accidents to develop root cause analysis and make recommendations for improvement and prevention of future cases
  • Analyze accident/incident trends and develop/implement recommendations to improve safety behaviors and safety record
  • Develop and deliver training programs educating employees on construction-related health and safety risks
  • Ensure training records, health/safety manuals, incident/accident reports, or other documentation are appropriately maintained
  • Verify compliance with company safety policies and procedures
  • Report on health and safety training, issues, and statistics


  • A four-year degree in Safety and Health or equivalent is preferred with at least three (3) years of safety experience or combination of education/multiple years’ experience in building construction
  • This position requires up to 75% travel to project sites
  • 3+ years of construction safety experience
  • Contractor management experience
  • Knowledge of federal occupational safety regulations and labor standards for construction
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite programs

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