EHS Engineer (Bloomington, IN)


The Environmental Health & Safety Engineer at Cook Inc. recommends, maintains, plans, and monitors compliance and training with OSHA, NFPA, IDEM, EPA and industry best practices.


• Maintain accurate and timely reports and records
• Create, implement evaluate all phases of safety procedures and policies 
• Train, support, guide and evaluate personnel on all assigned safety and emergency procedures, while providing leadership to the First Aid Team, while conducting monthly meetings
• Assist as needed with investigation of work related injuries and concerns
• Maintain and update all Departmental EHS Regulations and Guidelines 
• Establish, maintain and monitor Plant Evacuation Maps and Emergency Procedures
• Conduct New Hire Safety Orientation, ensure all employees are sufficiently trained in Hazard Communications including use and comprehension of SDS and GHS labels
• Ensure proper hazardous waste control and disposal activities per DOT and IDEM
• Develop, conduct and evaluate Job Safety Analysis and ergonomic assessments
• Keep current on Environmental Health and Safety issues and concerns

• Establish, conduct and evaluate annual fire drills as required
• Establish, maintain, and train lock-out tag-out procedures
• Maintain SDS data base, and Chemical Inventory
• Train and maintain records for Bloodborne Pathogen and Hepatitis immunizations
• Maintain documentation of all EHS programs, results and reports


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in related field
• OSHA 30-hour General Industry training
• Experience training in safety programs

• Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access
• Experience in improving environmental health and safety processes
• Knowledge of OSHA/EPA/ISO standards

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