Manufacturing Safety Specialist (New Castle, IN)

Primary Responsibilities

  • Implement, investigate and maintain accident prevention activities in the plants. Required to use education and/or on the job experience to identify, evaluate, and inform plant management of potential safety concerns, including hazardous conditions, facilities, equipment, work practices and behaviors, and recommend, implement and supervise corrective actions. Provide assistance and support to supervisors in the investigation of all occupational accidents to determine root causes and corrective actions. Perform accident trend analysis and inform management. Follow-up with all corrective actions from incident reports to ensure completion and report results to plant management.
  • Oversee and facilitate the inspection and auditing of plants by using the Injury Prevention Program (IPP) teams and other plant-based safety teams to ensure compliance with safety and health regulations. Use professional judgment to identify and inform management of all potential safety and health, regulatory and/or company procedure violations. Assist in implementing and maintaining safety programs not limited to but including SafeSteps, IPP, new hire orientation, hoist inspection program, PPE, LO/TO, hot work permits, confined space and job safety analysis (JSA’s). Provide management support to the employee led, behavioral-based safety observations and feedback process. Collaborate with other allied functions such as Engineering, Security, Medical, Purchasing, Facilities and Manufacturing Services, Corporate Safety, and etcetera, as necessary to ensure employee safety and compliance with all safety regulations.
  • Coordinate, conduct, and present appropriate safety training sessions and meetings. Develop, create and distribute safety documents such as daily start-up meetings bulletins, safety incident alerts and/or other means to maintain high safety and hazard awareness among all employees. Participate, serve as a resource, and assist supervisors in Toolbox Meetings as needed. Responsible for scheduling and conducting lift truck training for plant personnel. Distribute appropriate safety training and hazard awareness information received from the Corporate Safety Department.
  • Schedule and run monthly safety-related meetings, review employee surveys, and provide feedback regarding status of employee continuous improvement (CI) safety suggestions. Coordinate and facilitate other safety-related activities and initiatives to ensure that the plant safety teams remain focused and productive on accident prevention activities.
  • Monitor on-going legal and regulatory plant compliance with all existing company safety and health programs. Conduct high level mock OSHA safety audits and assist in regular audits conducted by the Corporate Safety Department and/or other plant-based teams. Propose and implement solutions and improvements based on the audit findings. Act as a liaison between management and employees regarding safety issues. Use safety experience and discretion in assisting employees with safety and health questions and/or concerns. Work with the Corporate Safety Department on recommendations on hazard control methods, procedures, and programs.
  • Order safety equipment/supplies and approve invoices. Maintain files and records pertaining to safety programs. Prepare periodic reports for management. Act as plant tour guide when necessary. Stay abreast of company safety best practices and procedures through contact with the Corporate Safety Department. Attend safety training sessions, seminars, and meetings. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • A four year college degree is preferred or two year degree along with safety experience. Working knowledge of OSHA regulations and/or OSHA certification required. Organizational skills required. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point applications. Ability to work independently, development of power point presentations for employees as well as management, and speak in front of large groups of people. Experienced in training lift truck operators a plus and post high school training in safety and/or ergonomics preferred.

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